QualiWare + EA in Ottawa

QualiWare + EA in Ottawa

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The alchemy of relationships

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Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Agility.

Business and technology transformation are the keys to organizational growth and effectiveness. Through our strategic channel relationship with Denmark-based QualiWare, CloseReach supports transformation and enterprise architecture initiatives with highly trained consulting resources and comprehensive modeling and architecture-related software tools that are designed to optimize business operations and supporting structures, align process transformation and IM/IT initiatives, maximize organizational efficiencies and quality, while facilitating feedback at all levels.


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The alchemy of relationships.

Deliverology embodies the six elements of best-in-class performance management, and CloseReach is there every step of the way.

Business TransformationRevolutionize yourself.

Strategic vision. Engagement and execution. Future focus. Customer alignment. Understand your business drivers and transformation triggers to move smoothly through these four steps leading to successful business transformations.


Quality ManagementPlan. Control. Assure. Improve.

Build a consistent organization-wide approach to continual improvement. Review, challenge, change opinions and make informed decisions. Take action based on measurement and factual analysis making continual improvement everyone’s business.

Upgrading to ISO 9001:2015? Keep it simple with QualiWare.


Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Rapid globalization and increasing complexity in the business environment means more focus than ever on corporate governance, risk management, compliance and ethics. Integrate GRC into the corporate culture and realize benefits from the C-level down to the execution of work performed on a daily basis.


Re-use as Required.

Create more than just a pretty diagram. Operationalize your models, processes and architecture. Get real value from your business process management and performance measurement projects.


Web Content ManagementCollaboration, Consensus and Consistency.

Improve organizational maturity and individual success. CloseReach employs QualiWare, Interwoven, SharePoint or Open Source web content management and Web 2.0 collaboration solutions to empower and engage individuals leading to improved organizational effectiveness.


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